Art & Illustration


In late 2014 I began playing around with the idea of turning some of my favorite cult TV, movie and book characters (most of which are, admittedly, violent and gory) into adorable little birdies… The result has been so much fun and they have been overwhelmingly popular!

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As an artist, I’ve never been able to confine myself to one thing for very long. I love to learn too much! I am more of a well-rounded artist rooted in pop culture and snark, as opposed to one whose specialty lies in their medium. A Jill-of-All-Arts, Master -of-One-or-Two, if you will…  I’ve even done a portrait of Robert Downey Jr. entirely out of salt and pepper for GISHWHES. There may have also been a junk food Jimi Hendrix involved. True story:


Portrait of Robert Downey Jr.  rendered entirely in salt and pepper…. Because Gishwhes.



(Why, Misha? Why?? My olfactory senses have never been so assaulted while making art.)


Other Media

Anyways…. Clearly I love to dabble in pretty much any medium I can get my hands on. I’ve done a lot of stencil art in the past, and mixed media is really my favorite. When each medium and substrate has its own properties and effects, how on earth am I supposed to be tied down to just paint? Here’s a sampling of some of my other artwork:

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