2018 Team That Fandom Built FAQ


Welcome to the 2018 Hunt!

Hello fellow gishers, new and returning! Below you should find the answer to pretty much anything related to how we operate as a team and how the hunt works in general. If you have any other questions not addressed here or on Gish.com, if you need more clarification or if you need someone to help you track down 2 gallons of lube and a slip n’ slide, please ask us in either the Facebook group, group message chat or the chat function in-app. Communication is 1000% key!

Q: I’m brand new to Gish. I’ve so far only been witness to the madness of Our Dark Overlord but am, as of yet, an untouched virgin to Misha’s sadistic whims. I’m looking to change that this year. Where can I check my sanity at the door and dive headfirst into mayhem?

A: Congratulations and my condolences; You’ve come to the right place! Set your sanity right down over there and buckle up! (Or don’t. Dammit Jim, I’m a captain, not a rollercoaster attendant!)

Before anything else, please visit these links. These will give you the basics of gishing with TeamThatFandomBuilt!

  • Rules and Regulations: The important stuff. Please read carefully so we don’t get disqualified!
  • Commandments: Also very important, but more Misha-y. The Commandments govern not only the spirit of the hunt, but also dietary restrictions, attack pillow warnings and submission guidelines.
  • Previous Team Submissions: Visit past spreadsheets to get an idea of items we have completed in past hunts.
  • Visit the Team Facebook Page:  Facebook is our team’s main form of communication.We have a lot of new faces this year, so go to the group Facebook page and make a new post introducing yourself! Tell us your name, age, location, number of years doing Gish, your superpower, interesting fact about you and include your weirdest selfie. PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS FROM THIS GROUP


Q: So….Gish is back on this year huh? What’s up with that? I’m still picking [REDACTED] out of all my crevices from last year! How is this year different?

A: IKR? Welp, it sounds like Misha hooked up with another organization, had a brief fling, then dipped before they woke up in the morning because he didn’t like the cut of their jib. So here we are again! This is Gish though, so be prepared for anything!

But this year there’s an app! Yay! And smaller teams! Yay!

(That being said, please don’t use the app as the primary tool for the hunt. We will keep to a spreadsheet as usual. The app is almost 100% guaranteed to fail because….well, because Misha.)


Q: How will the team be different this year?

A: Good question! The biggest change is the reduction in team size from 15 to 9. This is also the first year we haven’t been international! For 2018 we are, I’m afraid, stuck right here in the USSR USA.

Also, in the past, we have been very competitive, trying to accomplish as many tasks as possible, some of us even taking the week off work. That’s totally not a thing this year.

Misha Collins GIF


Q: Why the change?

A: For many of us, this will be out 5th year gishing and JFC, man… we’re tired. It is a LOT of work to participate in this much chaos for an entire week, and even more so for captain and admin who keep the whole team running smoothly.

We have always tried our best to get in the coffee table book and HoF but this year it is the focus of our efforts.

Quality over quantity this year is the goal.

Q: WTF does that mean?

A: First of all, I could do without the attitude. Secondly, it means that instead of claiming as many items as you think you can complete during the week, pick items you know you can not just complete, but completely crush.

Instead of half-assing 30 items, narrow it down to just a few. These items are henceforth known as your Mega Items (which must be spoken and read in a Scottish accent).

This year you should only choose 3-5 Mega Items to complete in TOTAL. Make them FUCKING AMAZING. 

This is our year to shine in the coffee table book, guys. I want TeamThatFandomBuilt to dominate that book. Huge flippin photos. 2 page spreads. I WANT THAT COVER PHOTO!! We’re gonna give you know which teams a run for their fuckin’ money in that book in 2018.

If you have photographer or videographer friends, ask/badger/bribe/kidnap them to help you complete your items. Whatever it takes to get an amazing, professional-looking pic or video. And make sure they get your weird side.

Q: So, I’m only allowed to do 3-5 Mega Items? That sucks. I’m all about Livin La Gisher Loca! My gishy spirit CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!!

A: Hey, I feel ya. Gish can be exhausting and overwhelming, but it’s also like being a kid in a candy store when that list drops. I would never stop a team member from gishing their little heart out, because Gishmas is a special time of the year for all little boys and girls (and variations thereon). BUT:

You must submit your first 3 to 5 Mega Items before any others.

After that, go nuts! Attempting more Mega Items is preferable, but if there are other items that you just want to do because they look awesome, go for it!! More gish points for all of us!

Q: But, but, but THERE ARE SO MANY ITEMS!!!!

Calm your tits. Now… The aforementioned being said, there will be many items on the list that take very little effort or time to complete. You may be bored and happen to have all the stuff on hand to do an item that catches your fancy when you can’t sleep at 2AM. Maybe it’s a social media item you can complete while having your morning poo. Just go ahead and do it! Just don’t sweat the small stuff until the big stuff is done though. Save your stress for your Mega Items.


Q: Got it. So, how does the whole process work on Saturday?

A: Okay, so the process on the day the hunt starts goes like this:

The list will posted to the Gish website at 7AM PST, Saturday, July 28. RESIST THE URGE TO GO TO THE GISH WEBSITE AT  7AM PST. Seriously. People never listen to their team captains and log in anyways and wind up crashing the server every. single. year. If at all possible, be available on FB messenger during this time. People in Vegas are invited to join us at The House That Fandom Built & Home For Wayward Mothers for the list drop.

Your benevolent dictators and their minions will work diligently post a link to The Spreadsheet of Dooooom as quickly as possibleRemember those spreadsheet links at the top of the page? We’ll have one of those for this year too. It contains the full list and places for you to add your name. Populating the list with almost 200 items and points is a lot of effing work, so give us 30-60 minutes to complete it

Once The Spreadsheet of Doom is up, you can go in and make a hard claim on your 3-5 Mega Items. Do this by adding your first name next to the item you want. If you see any additional items that you may want attempt if you have time after your Mega Items, you can make a soft claim on it by adding only your initials instead of your full name. This indicates you are interested, but not committed enough to make it one of your Mega Items. Hard claims can replace any soft claims, as Mega Items take precedence. 

Q: Ummmm. I think I got all that. So, how exactly does one “gish”? What do I do next for my items?

Shoot your best picture or video. Do it a couple times in a few different ways so we can pick the best one as a team. (And in the case of video, we can use extra footage to create the final clip). Please refer to the commandments for guidelines on interpreting the items. Pay special attention to commandments #9 through #14, and #21


Upload your pictures and videos to a new post in the team Facebook group. Be sure to include the item number and description. Everyone on the team is then expected to give either approval or constructive feedback on each submission post.

Once the submission has been approved by the team, send it to Captain Kat at katjconnors@gmail.com for final submission. Be sure to include the item number and description in the subject line.

Q: Any other words of wisdom for a newb?