Poured Art

Hey folks! Long time no see! I’ve been busy at work recently, exploring all kinds of new media and techniques, which I hope to be sharing with you soon! I’ve recently made all kinds of upgrades to the site, so I hope to be adding some demo videos in the near future too. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some poured art I’ve been trying recently!


As I work my freelance job from home, I like to watch YouTube. Like a lot. I watch all kinds of things, but lately I’ve been addicted to poured art and suminagashi demonstrations and tutorials. They’re super relaxing to watch the colors mix and spread and break into cells. Not to mention that like 90% the people doing these videos have European or Japanese accents, which make them a joy to listen to as well 🙂


I watched a TON of videos on poured art. I was, as Eddie Izzard puts it, “letting the research come to me.” The first pour I did a few days ago was….. not good. I had no idea how much of what mixture to add to what cup and all I wound up with was a mess. Well, a mess AND some cool strips of marbled paint I peeled up from the plastic sheeting, which I’ll be using for Heihei’s feathers in an upcoming mixed media piece 🙂 I paid closer attention, learned more about the proper consistency and planned out my materials.


But yeah, the second one came out so beautifully, and I’m kind of biased in my love for the colors, as teal and copper are the colors of my upcoming wedding. (I’m creating a TON of stuff for the wedding, so I’ll add content on that at some point too.


And with Father’s Day coming up, I’m making him a photo frame because, well, he’s one of “those dads” and is pretty much impossible to shop for. No macaroni art here though! Just beautiful colors and cells, perfect for holding a lovely 5×7 of my mom as a gift. I’m not thrilled about the upper left corner, but what are ya gonna do, amirite? (Go to the art supply store and buy them out of everything, obviously)


I’ll be sharing a lot more as I explore new stuff. I have some really cool mixed media pieces to share with you soon as well, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!

Well, Hello 2016!

After a much-needed web break, I’m back! I’ve been spending a lot of time working on designs since my little holiday hiatus and have been slacking a little in the resource and tutorial department. I’m itching to learn something new myself, so I should have something new for you soon, once I clear my schedule of commissions.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the series I’ve been working on lately. They’re a hybrid of the two things I love most: watercolor and digital design. I shared a few pieces in anticipation of the Star Wars-themed show in December, but the collection has expanded quite a bit… Massively in fact.  I’ve created over 20 designs in this style now. o_O

I have several designs available at my RedBubble store and all 20+ print designs are available at The Sci-Fi Center here in Las Vegas or directly through me, with more being added all the time. Designs include the 10th Doctor, Princess Bride, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as well as original trilogy), Neverending Story, Supernatural and more.

I am also currently working on a Harry Potter series in the same vein, but full-body poses. Currently only Professor Snape is available (click below), but many more will be released soon!


What can I say? Even though these take me on average 5-6 hours  to complete (thank you, nitpicky brain), I absolutely love doing them. I start by creating the silhouette in Illustrator using the pen tool. I then import it into Photoshop and hand “paint” them using various watercolor, paint and splatter brushes. Plus a million-squillion layers and blend modes. Seriously. So, so many…

I enjoy the way that creating these has been challenging me to explore color, as well as light/dark. I also love that it’s kind of controlled chaos, which sums me up pretty much perfectly I suppose.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for information on next month’s First Friday!

Minimalist Star Wars Art Sneek Peek!

This year has gone by in a snap it seems. The group Ben Folds Five comes to mind : “When seconds pass slowly / and years go flying by”.  Amirite? Well, one of the things that has crept up on me is next’s week’s Star Wars opens. In fact, this weekend at Bona Fide Art Studio & Gallery I’ll be slangin’ art, exclusive and limited edition prints, kitschy prayer candles and Crass-Stitch by Jess Price will be on hand with gloriously nerdy Star Wars themed cross-stitch!

Bona Fide Art Studio & Gallery @ Union House

To get you pumped, I thought I’d share a little sneak-peek at some of prints I have in the works for this weekend. Collect the whole set (6 total, Rebel and Empire) this Friday! Come see me. 🙂