Free Download Friday! Functional Resume Template

It’s Friday! Huzzah! I mean… I don’t work the typical 9-5, M-F job like a lot of people, so Friday is kind of whatever for me, but I am SO excited for you! Unless you’re unemployed and need a job… But guess what. I’ma help you out with that on Free Download Friday!

Functional resumes are great for people with a wide variety of experience!

Functional resumes are great for people with little or varied experience!

Gone are the days where you go straight from high school to college and spend the rest of your life working for the same company. Many people today have a wide variety of work experience, and a lot of us may be “job-hoppers” now or in the past. Don’t worry, that’s actually becoming the norm. But what do you do if you don’t have much experience, or maybe a lot of experience, but nothing that’s really relevant to the jobs you’re currently applying for? The answer is what’s called a functional resume.

A functional resume is one that emphasizes your skills and attributes over your employment history and/or education. You do this by highlighting the attributes you possess that makes you a great candidate for the job. For example, if you are applying for a job as a line cook but have no previous restaurant experience or culinary training, you may wish to emphasize your speed, ability to take direction and ability to work well under pressure. A slick-looking resume helps you to stand out.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide on how to write a functional resume. There are plenty of job hunting advice sites for that. Instead, I am giving you a tool to get you started!

This resume template is fully editable. Customize each heading to highlight YOUR best skills and attributes to a potential employer. Set yourself apart with professional formatting!

  • ZIP file
  • Contains InDesign file (.indd) as well as editable PDF
  • Fonts used come from Adobe Typekit, which comes with your Adobe CC subscription. If you don’t have this, you will need to change the fonts when you edit!

Good luck with your job hunt!

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