Playing with my new Gelli plate

The other day I found myself with a coupon for Blick Art and decided to go for something I’ve been eyeing for a while… A Gelli plate. So I cleared off as much workspace as I could and went at it.wpid-20150907_184417.jpg

This is basically an infinitely reusable gelatin printing plate used for monoprinting. It’s like a slice of ballistic gel. They’re kind of spendy, so I just went with the little one to see if I’d like it. It is only 3″x5″, which it turns out is really small. I think I’m going to create an actual gelatin plate later this week to create much larger prints. I also had a really hard time getting the paint and ink to roll out equally with the brayer. Maybe a smaller one is needed?

These are some of the cooler ones that came out! Apart from the leaves,  everything else was created using a mix of stencils and masks







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